Not long ’til winter – the season for snoozing!

Autumn is in full swing so winter isn’t far behind.  They say cats don’t do so well in the cold weather but Snowy & I rather like the winter.  It gives us a chance to practice what we do best – eat, sleep & snuggle up together!

I rather envy bears, squirrels and mice for their ability to hibernate – especially the latter as it means they are difficult to find at this time of year and what cat doesn’t like a good mouse-chase?   What a glorious thought!  Eating oneself silly during the summer and then sleeping for months until the days get longer and the warm sunshine brings everything back to life in the Spring.

It is a toss-up for us cats which we like most – food or sleep?  Here at Vincent House we get a lot of chances to do both.  Oh yes, we two are a bit indulged, but don’t let that secret out as we rather love our life in this lovely Notting Hill Residence.

So the question is ‘where is our favourite place to snooze?’  We are rather spoiled for choice in Vincent House.  Although it’s meant to be off limits to us, we think the residents’ lounge is rather cosy with its lovely plump sofas and large cushions – the residents clearly like it a lot too, particularly in the evening when it can be rather lively!  On second thoughts, perhaps we’re better off snoozing on our master’s bed, which is also very comfy.  As he is busy working during the day, Snowy and I make use of the pillows & duvets and the peace & quiet to get our beauty rest.  Otherwise his living room sofa is, of course, a favourite spot as you can see in the photo!

Despite our need for more sleep during the colder winter months, we always find time to eat – we’re well looked after, so we can’t complain; however, a few treats here and there are always welcome and we have to admit to a bit of food envy when the residents are having their dinner.  The delicious smells coming out of the dining room are very tempting and we often wish there were places set for us too.

All this talking about sleep and food has made me want a nap, especially following a foray into the garden to watch the birds and chase the falling leaves, which are all such beautiful autumnal colours at present.  There is a cushion on that lovely sofa that seems to be calling me so I’ll jump up there, settle myself down and drift off thinking about my next meal.

Meow for now from Snowy & me until the next time!

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