We Have a Winner!

Notting Hill movie poster

Thank you to everyone who entered our Notting Hill Film quiz.  Out of the many entries we received we only had three entrants who got 10 out of 10!  There were a couple of particular questions that a lot of people got wrong – but we aren’t going to say what they are because some of you may still want to have a go even though we will no longer be awarding a prize.

As we had three submissions with all the questions right, we have chosen the entry that was answered in the shortest time to be our ‘Notting Hill Star’ and to receive our mystery prize.  We are also sending a small consolation to our two runners up.  The winning entry was from Kim Cartain who completed the quiz in an impressive 1 min 40 secs.  Shortly behind her was Mar Villasante and our other runner up was Rhea Ramanand.  Well done to all three of them for answering all the questions correctly.

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