The Big Sleep Out 2017

Every One Deserves A Home

The Big Sleep Out is an annual event organised by Trinity Homeless (one of Vincent Housing Association’s partners – see more below) which sees a wide range of people of all ages and from all walks of life come together to ‘sleep rough’ in a cardboard box for just one night in the cold of December.  They do it to not only experience the reality of life for a rough sleeper, albeit in a fun festival atmosphere, but also raise much needed funds for Trinity’s activities.  These include day services, housing, coaching, training, work placements and support to move-on for vulnerable and homeless individuals.

This year’s Big Sleep Out takes place on 1st December at Hillingdon Athletics Centre and will be the ninth year that Trinity has held it.

When developing this exciting fund raising initiative a few years ago, Trinity decided to make The Big Sleep Out an overnight ‘festival’ with street food and lots of entertainment – last year comedian and actor Russell Brand was the main attraction and he plans to participate again at this year’s event.


One of Our Partner Projects

Trinity leases one of Vincent Housing Association’s properties Carlisle House at Willow Tree Lane in Hayes, Middlesex on favourable terms.  Carlisle House comprises a large shop selling recycled furniture and two three-bedroom flats and one studio, which together accommodate 7 vulnerable people who might otherwise be homeless.  It is pivotal to Trinity and makes both a significant financial contribution to the charity’s other activities as well as make a difference to the lives of the many people it accommodates, trains & employs.

One of Trinity’s founding principles is to “live our values” and they believe true independence means paying your own way.  “If we are helping people to move from a life of dependency and achieve their full potential, we must be able to prove that we can do it.”  In just two years Trinity replaced £1.5m of government funding with charitable trading income and, throughout the last few years of cuts, increased its income and decreased costs all whilst housing more people.

Trinity are socially responsible landlords, providing more than 100 units of good quality, affordable supported accommodation and additional units of move on housing for people who are transitioning from supported housing to independent living. They provide a safe and welcoming environment managed by a dedicated team who ensure that all their properties have good quality furnishings and are maintained to a high standard.


How You Can Help

The Big Sleep Out, which has grown each year, has also been supported by Boris Johnson both as London Mayor and also more recently as the local MP for Uxbridge where Trinity has its offices and one of its shops as well as some of the properties in its housing provision – although they haven’t managed to persuade him to participate by sleeping out as yet!

If you want to know more or take part by either signing up to The Big Sleep Out or make a donation visit Trinity’s Facebook page or the ‘Big Sleep Out’ and donation pages on their website

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