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If there is one thing that can bring together people it is sports.  And goodness what a great day Sunday was for armchair viewers.

Whether you are a football enthusiast, a tennis nut, lover of fast cars or cycling is your thing, there was something to keep everyone entertained. And while the outcome for many may have gone the wrong way, it generally was a lot of fun for everyone watching all the excitement.  Vincent House was buzzing and the lounge witnessed both celebrations for the wins and commiserations for the losses.

The British were especially happy to have quite a few winners throughout the day, so big congratulations to Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton & Chris Froome for their successes at Wimbledon, Silverstone & in the Tour de France respectively.  The very impressive Serena Williams triumphed yet again and Milos Raonic put up a great fight and did Canada proud.  France so nearly got their hands on the cup at the Euro2016 finals but wow, Cristiano Ronaldo was still a powerful force for Portugal despite being stretchered off early in the match.  Indeed, the celebrations by the Portuguese community in London may still be going on!

I am loving living with so many different nationalities in Vincent House.  It makes watching these matches and tournaments that much more exciting with very friendly rivalries.  I have heard that watching sports in pubs here in London is also great but I’m finding it a lot of fun hanging out with the many friends I’ve made in the House.

The sports excitement this summer doesn’t end yet. Next stop, Rio for the 2016 Olympics starting 5th August – well, the early hours of Saturday 6th August here due to the time difference – I can’t wait!

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