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VHA’s primary purpose is the provision of residential accommodation and   employment at VINCENT HOUSE and its principal commitment is to its   residents and employees.  Once these responsibilities are met, VHA’s   aims to use its surplus to invest in social schemes that help   individuals who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness.

VHA’s most significant social investments to date have been the acquisition of two properties to lease on social terms to charities working with vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, Carlisle House (in 1998) and Hope House (in 2001).


CARLISLE HOUSE, VHA’s property in Willow Tree Lane, Yeading, Middlesex, was acquired in 1998. It is leased to Trinity Homeless Projects (THP) which aims to achieve transformation in the lives of people suffering the effects of homelessness & exclusion by providing supported housing, training and employment. THP’s scheme at Carlisle House provides accommodation for up to seven people as well as training and employment in the Willow Tree Furniture Store, a large outlet selling recycled goods for the home. Despite the current challenges, THP is both sustaining and expanding its activities and has several other projects in Hillingdon and Hounslow. For further information see


HOPE HOUSE was originally operated by Stepping Stones Trust (SST), a charity providing resettlement support and accommodation to prisoners on their release. In early 2012 SST merged with Langley House Trust (LHT) a larger organisation providing similar services in other parts of the country, which was seeking to establish itself in London. LHT’s mission is ‘helping people to live crime-free lives’ and it will continue to provide resettlement support and accommodation at Hope House as part of its ‘Stepping Stones Project’. Hope House provides a welcoming and comfortableenvironment for its community of up to seven residents. It also has a separate office for the supervisory and support team, as well as a kitchen/diner for residents’ use, a large sitting room and a delightful terraced garden. For further information about LHT’s work and the Stepping Stones


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