Key People

Heading up the team is the General Manager, Richard Tomkins, who oversees the House with a particular interest in resident relations, employee development and environmental improvements. The management team also includes Mariya Tseluko (Deputy General Manager), Carla Soares Hester (Accounting Manager) and Agnes Kedracka (Facilities Manager). Other key figures are Caroline Whitney (Chef), Martin O’Shea (Assistant Chef) and Dorothy Pickering (Housekeeping Supervisor). Richard and his team are committed to providing support and training to everyone working at Vincent House. The people who work at Vincent House are essential to its continued success and we have been lucky that there has been a continual source of new employees attracted to working at the House, often as a result of recommendation by friends. It is particularly appealing to younger people who see it as a friendly and fun place to work and because it provides an exceptional opportunity to experience life in one of the world’s leading cities.