It’s All About the Weather

Vincent House garden and patio

Weather is often a hot topic of conversation in London so you can imagine how the heatwave last week dominated the chat at Vincent House.

For the residents here, the mood varies with the weather . Those who come from warmer climates like Spain and Brazil think the hot London weather is mild. Those from more Northern parts of Europe and the rest of the world think it is boiling hot and sticky. You can’t find many, though, who would trade it for the rain which we had plenty until recently.

We’re so lucky to have a big, gorgeous garden at Vincent House. That is somewhat of a rarity for a central London residence. I race back from work in the evenings, get down to dinner in the dining room quickly and then immediately head outdoors to the garden. Despite the high temperatures and humidity, the garden has a lovely, fresh breeze and often there are a few people out there until nearly bedtime.

I for one can put up with the heat and humidity especially knowing I have that little oasis of the garden. So hot weather, do your thing – Summer is such a great time in London whatever the weather!

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