Hyde Park Here We Come….


I hadn’t heard of ‘The Proms’ before I moved to London.  I had no idea what it was but I kept seeing references to it on BBC television channels.  Turns out it is one of THE great British traditions and an annual event at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington. Having done a bit of research, I understand ‘Prom’ is short for promenade concert and originally the musical events were held outdoors in various London gardens and parks.

The BBC Proms run for an eight-week summer season with around 70 daily, mostly classical, music concerts.  Some popular music does creep into the schedule. There was a tribute concert to the late, great David Bowie at the end of July.  It would have been great to have attended as I was such a big fan.

I wish I had looked into the Proms and the schedule sooner as I am very sure I would have tried to get tickets to a number of the concerts.  I saw a few clips online from previous years and they look like so much fun.  The Royal Albert Hall is such a majestic setting as well.

I have decided to try and get together a small group of people to go the Last Night of the Proms on Saturday the 10th of September, where, as well as the renowned main concert at The Albert Hall, celebrations happen in venues and parks all around the UK.

London’s Hyde Park is the place to be for us.  I’m hoping some of the other Vincent House residents, who have become friends, may want to join me.  I have to start practicing my singing and learning the words to ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ now as that’s a big part of the last night.  Must also find a Union Jack flag to wave too!  For this one special night I will enjoy what is a very traditionally British celebration and then I can tick yet another item off of my very long list of things to do in London.



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