Hope it’s a Snowy Christmas!

Hello everyone – it’s Snowy here for a change.  Don’t tell Flakey that I’ve hijacked his blog!

There is only a day to go and then it is Christmas Eve – hooray. I can’t wait to see what Master has bought me this year.  I have been purrrrrring my requests for weeks so hope he takes the hint.  A nice new cat bed would be lovely and so nice to snuggle in on cold winter nights.  A few toys to play with in the lounge and garden here at Vincent House would be a lot of fun. If I got a new water bowl I would also be happy.  All of those would be even better!

I love my position in Vincent House – I am a beloved family member (except when I’ve been a bit naughty), a friend to all the residents who love to chat when I am about and a sister to my cool brother Flakey who I promise to share some of my Christmas haul with.  I do love Flakey and I try not to rub it in too much if I happen to get more treats than him.  What can a girl do when she’s such a charming, friendly feline?

I do love my creature comforts around the holidays.  Vincent House and Notting Hill are especially cosy and festive and everyone is in such a good mood.  The residents and guests who are staying are so happy and I love being the beneficiary of their festive warmth.  I happily reciprocate with a purr when they lean in for a little pet.  I am so looking forward to smelling all the cooking that will go in the dining room over the coming days and so hope both Flakey and I are kept in mind by our Master for our Christmas feast too.

I better go – I have to get back to snooping around for where my Christmas presents have been hidden.  I think all the gifts around the tree are to throw me off my scent.  This is where my climbing capabilities and keen senses come in so handy.  I will do some hunting too for Flakey.  I wouldn’t want to make him too jealous if I should happen to get more than him.  From Flakey and me, we wish you all a very Meowy Christmas!



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