David Beckham Running

Yes, David Beckham running the streets of Notting Hill.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t in real life – but on the television as he’s featured in an ad for Sky Sports.

I recognised some familiar streets from the neighbourhood I’ve been calling home since moving in here not so long ago. The opening and closing sequences look like they were filmed in a street between Vincent House (which is on the corner of Pembridge Square) and the world famous Portobello Road.  There is also a shot of the No. 23 bus which I know and use a lot.

I’m told David and Victoria Beckham have a house in Holland Park just a few minutes’ walk from Notting Hill Gate and some of the staff here have spoken to him when he’s been seen nearby.   So, I need to keep my eyes wide open as I am on a mission to spot Mr Beckham for real as I wander around this lovely neighbourhood.

There are apparently quite a few other famous faces living nearby but for me, a very big highlight would be to spot the man they call Golden Balls. That would really make my day!

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