Snowy, my sister, and I love living at Vincent House.  There is never a dull moment or a shortage of fabulous residents to hang out with.  Life is good for us in our Notting Hill home.  We couldn’t really ask for a better place to live.

While running around the garden and snoozing on a cushion are great things to do, there is one thing we love more than anything else in the world and that is to eat. We are so ‘purr’fectly happy when our master gives us our daily bowls of food.  He manages to mix it up with a variety of flavours and the fuller the bowl, the happier we are.  I promise you we don’t leave a drop.  Admittedly, we can be a little competitive about who has the most to eat but believe me I keep an eye on that.  As the big brother, I naturally like to think I get a bit more, but sometimes Snowy seems to know just what to do in order to get extra – I can get quite jealous of her feminine cat-wiles, particularly when they work!

You must never eat your food without a good amount of water nearby to help it go down.  I really love water and as you can see from my picture I Don’t mind getting a little wet – this time it was just my tail, but I have been known to enjoy a bit of shower under the tap in the kitchen sink!

If I could, I would eat more than a few times a day but I suppose we’ve got our figures to think of so I won’t complain.  Luckily, Vincent House is a large space and gives us ample running room to keep ourselves in shape.  A cat has got to look good from head to tail.  If we did manage to get a bit extra chow we would of course do an extra lap around the garden.  I think I’ll have a nap now and dream about my dinner and think about ways to trick master into a few extra spoonful’s.  All ideas gratefully received.  Meow for now!

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