Sun setting over apartments in London

It’s amazing the days are already getting shorter following the summer solstice. It took place last week on 20th June, a day earlier than normal as we’re in a leap year and you may have read it coincided with the full moon (or a strawberry moon as it was termed) which is a rare phenomenon.  The photos have been beautiful.

Strawberry moons are considered a once-in-a-lifetime event but lovely sunsets are a fairly regular occurrence in London – don’t believe the tale it always rains here.  If you luckily happen to reside in one of the top floor rooms at Vincent House on the side facing west like me, you will see many spectacular views of the setting sun throughout the year.  The photo up top is just a sample of the many I take from my window.

When I look out and see the beautiful sky, I can get lost in my thoughts.  The sunsets can be quite mesmerising and I sometimes hear ‘Waterloo Sunset’ by the Kinks in my head. I can’t help it – we’re in London and seems so appropriate. I bet the night sky views in the Autumn & Winter will be a different sort of spectacular but I better stop thinking about that as I don’t wish summer to go too quickly especially as I want to make the most of Vincent House’s beautiful a garden while the warmer weather is here.

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