Flakey of Vincent House rolling on the bed

Snowy & I are loving watching the Rio Olympics.  It seems to be on everywhere and lots of Vincent House residents watch on their iPads and laptops in the lounge where I like to see what’s going on.  It’s also been on the television quite a lot in our master’s flat – well he likes to think he’s our master, but of course Snowy and I (and you now) know differently!

I particularly like to watch the athletes getting their medals – so moving and uplifting.  I would like one too – preferably a gold one.

It makes me wonder what sport I would take up for a CatOlympics?  I could never do a multi-sport event like Jessica Ennis-Hill in the heptathlon – I want to concentrate on one and do it really well.  Of course, we cats have some well-known skills like climbing, running and the odd jump up a tree so that looks like the direction I need to be thinking about.  No Michael Phelps’ style water sports for us.  I quite like being in the rain, as I mentioned in a previous post, but spending that much time in water?  I don’t think so!

I think I am drawn to the track and field events in the main athletics stadium.  The long jump is a very natural environment for cats – we love a good sand box, but it looks like you’d only have to put one small paw out of place on the run up and they’d give you a red flag!  Sadly I think discus, shot put or javelin throwing are also out for pretty obvious reasons!  So taking a leaf out of my idol Usain Bolt’s book, it looks like sprinting would be my best chance of a medal.

All you have to do to get me running is entice me with some food (the odd mouse is good too).  There’s nothing I like better than knowing there will be a tasty treat at the end of a sprint across the garden at Vincent House.

I’ve heard it’s good to do some warm up stretches before exercise, so I’ve been trying that on our master’s bed, as you can see from the photo – however, he doesn’t seem very impressed by my abilities!

Actually, now I come to think of it, perhaps I don’t really need to exert all that energy as Snowy and I get fed well every day here in our lovely home in leafy Notting Hill!  Yes, I think I’ll leave my exercise to jumping off a sofa and running to my food bowl in Vincent House.  Sounds about right.  In my dreams, however, I will continue to visualise myself as the next Meow Farah.  ‘Purr’fect!






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