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Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts walking in Notting Hill, London

Welcome to the Vincent House 'Notting Hill' Movie Quiz

Since the success of Notting Hill, the film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, the area has become known worldwide and, many years after its release, the film’s popularity continues to attract visitors to many of the locations featured in the movie. You can read about those in our blog post ’15 Notting Hill Film Locations: Relive the Romance’ – which may help you with some of the answers to this quiz! And, if you’re considering coming to London what could be better than staying at Vincent House? Visit our homepage and see how close we are to Notting Hill Gate and many of the iconic venues featured in the movie.

In which area of London is Notting Hill located?
Which underground lines serve Notting Hill Gate tube station?
Who plays the film star Anna Scott in the movie?
Who plays William Thacker, the book store owner who falls in love with Anna?
Where is William’s book store located?
What year was the film first released?
The Coronet cinema in Notting Hill Gate recently changed to a theatre. What is its new name?
Which popular London market is prominently featured throughout the film?
Which street close to the market is known for its eclectic shops and stalls as well as its two well-known Portuguese cafes?
In which central London hotel does Anna give a press conference?


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At the end of July 2017 we will randomly select one winning entry as our ‘Notting Hill Star’. The lucky winner will receive a ‘lucky dip’ Notting Hill themed gift; for example a notebook, mug, fridge magnet, coaster or key ring!

In order to win one of our monthly prizes, complete the quiz add your e-mail details and press submit. Please enter even if you are not living in the UK as we will mail the monthly prize to the country of residence of the winning entrant.

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