Tennis balls on grass tennis court

Tennis with strawberries and cream must mean it’s Wimbledon fortnight.  It’s so exciting to be in London at this time – surely the most iconic of the Grand Slam tournaments. There are a number of unique British events featuring everything from sports to royalty to music and I wonder how many I can get to see while I’m living here at Vincent House? I wouldn’t call it a bucket list but I am going to enjoy trying to tick off as many as possible.

Sadly, I hadn’t got tickets to any of the Wimbledon matches before I arrived – you need to apply via a ballot that’s held the previous year. I understand you can queue up early in the morning and hopefully get in that way, but lots of people queue overnight and it can mean a long wait to get in.  Later in the tournament when the singles matches get down to the last 8 its easier to get in to watch some of the outside courts. I was really delighted to learn what an easy trip it was from the Notting Hill tube station which is the closest to Vincent House. I just have to jump on the District Line and it is straight down towards Wimbledon via Earls Court. I love how I am becoming so adept at using the tube.

Now all I have to do is decide who I will support at Wimbledon. The British clearly back their own Andy Murray and I think it helps any player to be in their own home country. Can Roger Federer win it one last time or will Novak Djokovic just be too good to be beaten? An exciting two weeks awaits us and I am looking forward to it. And I’ll get to find out what all this fuss is about strawberries & cream. As they say, when in Rome…


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