The Vincent House chef Caroline and the rest of the team

When I was planning my move to London, quite a few people told me to expect to eat lots of traditional British food like fish & chips, Sunday roasts and sausages.  Those are okay sometimes but not good to eat all the time, especially in summer.

Having settled into my life here in West London, however, I am actually pleasantly surprised by the food, not only the tasty breakfasts and dinners I eat at Vincent House, but also the London food scene – London really offers some of the best cooking in the world.

I am lucky to be living in trendy Notting Hill where good eateries are thriving and every taste and nationality of food is catered for. And of course in the summer I like eating al fresco whenever possible which might be a café for afternoon tea or just a pint and burger in a pub garden.   I can find lots to choose from within a 10 or 15-minute walk from my residence here at Vincent House.  And, I’m already looking forward to the garden party at Vincent House which will be taking place soon – the buffet is always so delicious and it’s a really fun event too – weather permitting, of course! I would love to know if you have a favourite cafe or pub in Notting Hill.

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